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ClearSight™ Technology

Phaethon Solutions ClearSight™ – Adaptive Image Tone Enhancement Technology

ClearSight™ is the one of the key Phaethon Solutions Digital Imaging technologies. ClearSight™ is developed in Phaethon Solutions with a clean slate, is not based on any existing technology and surpasses all known analogues.


Processing adapts to features of each image. Thus, only problem areas of given images are corrected. Manual adjustment is not required if, e.g., you load bright image after dark one. This allows to use Phaethon Solutions ClearSight™ in video processing.


Only general and local brightness and contrast are changed. The color of pixels is not changed.


ClearSight™ technology has currenrly six parameters: “Amount”, “Scale”, “Drama General”, “Drama Special”, “Post-Normalization Amount” and “Post-Normalization – AntiFog”. Below you can test the ClearSight™ processing by changing parameters “Amount” and “Scale”. Others parametrs left in their default values.

Two aditional parameters – “Black & White” and “Prevent Skin Changes” – are also added for more convenience. Please note, that this parameters do not belong to ClearSight™ technology.

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There may be some delay between the change in value of the parameter and loading corresponding image.
To see original image just press on image by mouse button.

All the pictures are processed by the standard version of Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! Processor.



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