LightOort Lite

Image Histogram Viewer

“All You Want To Know About Image Histogram”

Program Features

RGB, HSV and LAB histograms together in any combination.

Stretching of histogram up to full screen.
Three-level histogram smoothing.
Copy-paste image directly from documents or web sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is it?

A. LightOort Lite™ is the Image Histogram Viewer. It allows you to see histogram of the image in all details.

Q. What is the image histogram?

A. Histogram is a powerful mean for analyzing and correcting of image. You can learn about image histogram in Wikipedia (“Image Histogram”), also you can find a lots of information about it in Google (“Image Histogram”).
(Hint: When reading articles, use LightOort Lite™ to view and check histograms of images)

Q. There are lot of the programs to see the image histogram. What is the schtick of LightOort Lite™?

A. Schtick of LightOort Lite™ is:
♦ Simultaneous display RGB, HSV and Lab histogram models
♦ Stretching of histogram up to full screen
♦ Three-level histogram smoothing
♦ Fast and easy images loading, instantaneous switching between already reading images

Q. What is the utility of this program?

A. Some of utilities are
♦ For novice: nice and easy way to learn about image histogram
♦ For professionals: Understanding autocorrection algorithm of image editors
And many, many more…

Q. Histogram in LightOort Lite™ differs from histogram in ***. Which histogram is correct?

A. In some complex cases (under- or overexposed photos, for example) histogram requires a vertical scale optimization. Every program do it in its own way. In general, correct histogram must not have a truncation of the main body. At the same time, main body of histogram must be vertical-maximized. We hope, LightOort Lite™ do it best, but constructive criticism is welcome anyway! Also note, that histogram smoothing in LightOort Lite™ significantly reduces the severity of the problem.

Q. Are registered and unregistered version of program different?

A. No, they are not.

Q. Can I edit an image in LightOort Lite™?

A. No, you can not. You can edit an image in LightOort Ghost™.

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