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Phaethon Solutions LightenIt!

Image Editor with Unique Enhancement Features

“Do You Have an Image? Lighten It!”

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Unique enhancement technologies

Enhance almost any image in one click! In manual tuning mode you can enhance up to 99% of the images, including pre-enhanced by Lightroom ;-)
Integration with Explorer*

Perform any operation with image directly from Windows Explorer in one click! There are many useful features in Phaethon Solutions LightenIt!: adding text or logo, applying filter, rotate, resizing and compression image etc. All are available from Windows Explorer!
Integration with Internet

Publish image to your favorite social network directly from Windows Explorer in one click! You can also do the same directly from Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! shell when you editing image even without saving it!

* Available on 32-bit Windows® only

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More real examples…

Use Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! and you will do not need something else!

Are you photography blogger? For you:

    • Enhancing, resizing and compressing images in one click
    • Adding a sign or a logo to the images
    • Beauty filters
    • Publishing images to social network or blog in one click

Are you webmaster? For you:

    • Enhancing and resizing images in one click
    • Adaptive compressing of images with quality saving
    • Beauty filters

Are you professional? For you:

    • Fine tuning of the images with unique firm technology ClearSight™
    • RGB, HSV and Lab histogram

Program Features: Full List

    • Support all graphic formats*
    • Copy to and paste from Windows® Clipboard
    • Drag’and’Drop images at any time and at any direction
    • Publishing image to social networks directly from Phaethon Solutions LightenIt™ or from Windows® Explorer in one click (uploading images to our own free hosting in background mode)
    • Enhance images with unique firm technologies, both in manual and in automatic mode
    • Rotating image
    • Resizing image
    • Adding text or logo to the image (support PNG logo with transparency)
    • Setting image as Windows® desktop wallpaper
    • Applying to the image seven predefined filters
    • Showing RGB, HSV and Lab histogram
    • Full integration with Windows® Explorer – all functions are available directly from Explorer in one click, including publishing image to social networks (available on 32-bit Windows® only)
    • Adaptive compressing of images with quality saving
    • When working from Windows® Explorer:
      • Image thumbnail. The right half of the thumbnail shows the result of the Deep processing of the image
      • Ability to select and process multiple objects at once
      • Ability to perform a several operations at once

* Only from Windows® Explorer. Main shell work with JPEG and BMP formats only.