Phaethon Solutions for Business User Agreement

Get enhanced images without Phaethon Solutions logo!

Phaethon Solutions™ for Business is intended to get enhanced images using Phaethon Solutions™ Image Processor without Phaethon Solutions™ logo.

The user may have any number of registered ip addresses. One ip address may belong to only one user. If the user has the positive balance or active trial period, he can get enhanced images without Phaethon Solutions™ logo on all his registered and active ip addresses.

Refill, payment and balance

The user has one account that used for payment for all his ip addresses. Currency of the account is Phaethon Solutions Credits.

To refill balance user can buy Phaethon Solutions Credits on the his personal page or on the Purchase page.

Payments from the account is made automatically. There are monthly payments in the amount of $10 per each ip address and daily payments in the amount of $0,01 per each processed image that exceed free quota. Free quota is 1,000 images per month.

If account balance become negative, the user will get images with Phaethon Solutions™ logo on all his ip addresses.

Activate and disactivate ip address

The certain ip address can be in active or inactive state. Inactive ip address do not requires payment and do not allow to get images without Phaethon Solutions logo.

The newly added ip address is in inactive state. The user must avtivate it manually. The payment is made immediately after the activation. If the account balance is less than montly fee, activation will be rejected.

The active ip address can be set to inactive state at any time. Refunds is not made. If inactive ip address will be activated afterwards, the payment will be made again.

Trial period

The user can get free 10-days trial period once for each his ip addresses. Anonimous trial period is also considered.

Phaethon Solutions Credits

Use Phaethon Solutions Credits and avoid using your credit card for every transaction. Phaethon Solutions Credits are great for services that you auto-renew and are redeemable for one US Dollar toward any Directnic service. Avoid the hassle of your credit card on file expiring and use Phaethon Solutions Credits for all of your Phaethon Solutions services.

To purchase Phaethon Solutions Credits go to the Purchase page.


Phaethon Solutions will not refund unused Phaethon Solutions Credits.