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Phaethon Solutions Credits

Phaethon Solutions Credits (PSC) are the Phaethon Solutions “local currency”. Its main purpose is the payment for Phaethon Solutions services. Use PSC and avoid using your credit card for every transaction. So it is absolutely irreplaceable when you use tariff plans “Per Image”* and “Day by Demand”*.
PSC can also be a medium of exchange or even a means of earnings (see below).

PSC Rate
1 PSC = $1

Operations with PSC

  • Purchase
  • Payment for Phaethon Solutions services
  • Remittance to other user
  • Earning
  • Withdraw money from your Phaethon Solutions account

PSC Earning

  • if you was specified as the recommender by other user at registration, you will get 30% of all his payments during six month.
  • if you use Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! Online* or if you place images with our logo in social network or forums, you get PSC to your account according to the relative share of your images per day.

Withdraw money from your Phaethon Solutions account

  • The general rule is: There is not ability to withdraw money from your Phaethon Solutions account
  • Phaethon Solutions may do withdrawing for individual user in its sole discretion, in exceptional cases
  • Do not exists any circumstances or conditions that obliges Phaethon Solutions to make the withdraw

* Tariff plans “Per Image” and “Day by Demand” and WEB-application “Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! Online” will be available in august 2015. Since that time also Phaethon Solutions Credits will be available in full.