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Phaethon Solutions Credits Advance Sale

Phaethon Solutions Credits advance sale is started!
Buy for ONE dollar and we will add for TWO more!

Phaethon Solutions Credits
Phaethon Solutions Credits (PSC) are the Phaethon Solutions “local currency”. You can use it to pay for Phaethon Solutions services or make remittance to other user.
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How many PSC to buy?

  • Please note that yearly Premium account* costs about $30. So do not buy too many PSC!
  • Please note that PCS that was sended to other user or was recieved from other user, can not be withdrawn from account, as a rule. So do not buy too many PSC!
  • Please note that user that will buy more PSC than others, will receive the prize. May be he can withdraw all sum from his Phaethon Solutions account, including the bonus credits. So buy as much as possible PSC!

How to buy PSC?

You will recieve a code that you can enter after registration on our site. Registration will be available in September 2016. Please store the code! We will inform you about start of registration by e-mail that you entered when you was buying PSC.

Which is better – to buy PSC or to purchase the Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! ?
It is better to purchase Phaethon Solutions LightenIt! because you can always exchange its registration code for PSC at a ratio of one to three  (i.e. you will get 150 PSC for $50 registration code).

The timing of the action
The action will last until the June 30, 2016

* Premium account gives the same functionality as registration of desktop application – images without logo etc.